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Productivity Set



The Productivity Set by Change You.niversity is designed to maximize your daily effectiveness and align your actions with your long-term goals. This comprehensive toolkit equips you with the essentials to clearly set your objectives, track your progress, and commit to personal and professional growth consistently.




Enhanced Goal Clarity and Commitment: The Goal Tag in the Productivity Set helps you articulate a clear aim and visually track your commitment over time. This tool simplifies the process of setting ambitious goals and bolsters your dedication by allowing you to mark each day of progress, reinforcing your commitment.


Daily Reflection and Growth: The included journal encourages regular journaling practices, providing a space for daily reflection and introspection. This practice helps solidify learning, fosters mindfulness, and supports emotional and intellectual growth, making it easier to navigate challenges and celebrate successes.


Performance and Habit Tracking: With the Commitment Tracker, monitor up to five key performance indicators or habits that are critical to your success. This tracking empowers you to maintain focus on essential behaviors and metrics that drive your progress, enhancing your ability to achieve set goals.


Balanced Task Management: The Critical Task Pad is uniquely designed to prioritize and balance personal and professional tasks, promoting a holistic approach to productivity. Each day, it guides you to make five strategic investments in yourself and your goals, strengthening the relationship between your actions and their outcomes, thereby building genuine self-trust and confidence.


This Productivity Set is not just a collection of tools; it's a catalyst for sustained high performance and personal excellence. Each component is crafted to keep you aligned with your core values and ambitions, making daily productivity both achievable and transformative.


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